Pyongyang International Airport (ZKPY) chart (PDF)

I thought about posting the chart for this airport. Maybe you will find something interesting about it, help the airport editors somehow etc…


Hmm. @Henrik there is a chart for Pyongyang. Now we have the chart, it can undergo appropriate reworking.

The new imagery of google earth shows the south runway has been completed and the northern runway is in poor condition.

It’s easy: we make both runways look like new.


There’s no option for poor runways is there?

I don’t really know. We don’t have an option. Only Asphalt, Concrete, Lake Bed, Grass etc.


Is the north runway still is use?

Perhaps not, the southern runway is brand new and northern one is rubbish.

I still don´t know why is there a north runway, the south one was to be built next to the terminal.

Maybe they were too optimistic, kind of why they built that huge triangular hotel. It aslo was a replacement reunwya whern the southern woner was been rebuilt.

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Glad to help.

That’s not an iofficual chart.

how did you get this legally?
glad you didn’t end up like otto warmbier

I know, but its better than nothing. And I also didn´t want to pay for a subscription.

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I would believe a google maps image is better.

Google image maps doesn´t have the FAP for the ILS of that airport or the SID and STARS.

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We use Bing Maps for features of the airport (E.g Terminals, Taxiways, Lines, Runways, etc.) so we can just start creating and outlining. But we use charts to look where the planes park too. Henrik and the others also look at the Waypoints, Aieways, VOR’s etc. to place in IF too. (May I point out @Swordfish that the chart doesn’t seem to have the new Terminal 2 with Jetways. This came into place June of 2015)

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While this has no new runway it could be useful.

Only thing I could find without paying for a subscription.