Pylon Race Event ! (with video guide) @ TFFJ - 221700ZAPR17

Signin up is now closed. No more gates are available on the airport, otherwise we are just too many. To everyone who was fast enough to sign up, you will soon be invited to a discord channel :)

You actually still made it.

Could we make another track at another airport for the ones who didn’t make it in this one?

Sure, stay tuned. I will tag you then. Ah and by the way, I will record the event and you will be able to see the race in YouTube then ;)

Hope you’re not full, I’d love to come
Sorry for the late notice
EDIT: ☹️☹️☹️It’s full - sorry @Overspeed
God, I wanted to come
No chance of coming anyway?

join here :

Thank you so much!!!

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This was awesome! gotta try it sometime (@THE-OP like the capture the flag one)



(Courtesy of LiveFlight)




Sorry for not posting all in one reply!


#Thank you all for coming !
All of you made our event a huge success. Super fun, super fast, super low, super crashy ;)
Check the edited summary video here below :

Watch til the end, its worth it :D

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Man that looks like fun, wish I would have seen this earlier!

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