Pylon Race Event ! (with video guide) @ TFFJ - 221700ZAPR17

Hey there fellow air race pilot :)

On this saturday we will host a “pylon race” event ! If you want to attend, make sure to comment below that you want to have a gate. Also, you will be added to a discord server for detail planning.

Information :

  • Task is to race around the two markers (marked as TP1 and TP2) as fast as you can against the others !
  • Aircraft to be used are the F14, F16 or the F18
  • 5 laps will be flown
  • Exact race instructions will be given in a discord server for the event
  • Winner receives a virtual cookie

From runway 28 to TP2, hard left turn, to TP1 and back is one lap.

Gates :
GA 01 : Overspeed
GA 02 : Captain_A
GA 03 : @Nathaniel_Perl
GA 04 : Gavrilo
GA 05 : Alec_Vincent_Morea
GA 06 : Aviaperevozchik
GA 07 : AsianaIFVA
GA 08 : Hyestar123
Gate 01 : Jet_Airways_995
Gate 02 : @StarTraveler
Gate 03 : @Futuregamer
Gate 04 : @The_SlimeCart
Gate 05 : @Nicolas_Ivanov
Gate 06 : @Nico4571
Gate 07 : @Owen_Anderson
Gate 08 : @Ylem_HD
Parking Hangar : @dush19

Video Guide :

Server: Casual

Region: Carribean

Airport: TFFJ

Time: 1700Z

This event is hosted by The AeroSync Group -


If you’re not careful and low enough you’ll miss TP2, I suggest doing a recon flight with an SR22 for familiarization


I would like to join the race I am an ace pilot

I will be coming in the event.

Allright, I will list you in some minutes :)

Count me in, please!

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Added all of you guys in. We only have a few spots left, since space is limited on that airport.

Watching the video, I just noticed that on 1:34 I barely kissed the mountain :D

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Can I have a gate please?

Please sign up me…

Can I have a gate :)

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I saw that I was wondering how u didn’t crash 😂

haha yeah, the terrain we currently have … well you know yourself :D

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When global comes out we’ve got to do this race again because it already looks good but imagine what it would be like with the updated terrain and the insane scenery

definitely we will do that again, otherwise I wouldnt have made an entire video for it :D

True 😂👌;) 20 character thing

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Any room for me? i can ace (or eat) this track!

sure thing. I get you in. Slowly but surely we are full tho :D

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It sounds interesting…but where can i sign in?😟

This seems cool, can I join?

Sure, will add you guys.