Put me back in Grade 3

Ok so I was at Frankfurt Intl and needing to takeoff so I contact ATC tell tell me to line up and wait at runway 18 I do so and I request departure and nobody’s is landing so at Runway 7L or 7C ado I have a clear shot I ask and ask and ask no answer then I left the runway because I got a warning for sitting on the runway for so long then they told me to line up again and I got no answer to take off so I just did and got a Grade 3 violation

Hey @Praab_05, can you please go into your logbook and retrieve the name of the controller that reported you?

There’s no need to get mad at everyone. Everybody makes mistakes. It looks like you are TL0, this means you can’t message your controller, please take this message, kindly, to @appeals thanks!


Probably the reason why, always wait for takeoff clearance!

Please contact @appeals. Please be prepared to share your replay file.

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