Pushy ATC

Have you noticed that some atc on advanced (or whatever it is Called now lol) will immediately tell you to taxi to a runway when you are half way through your pushback and you haven’t requested to taxi or they make you go to a runway which is not on your flight plan. I was just wondering if you could just not please. As it is annoying to reconfigure your flight plan also sorry if this sounds like a rant but yea.

Ps if this is a duplicate I am sorry I haven’t been around for a month

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Just get back on route after takeoff they don’t do it for no reason it’s cause most time atc have a specific runway they want u at


They do that so you pushback in the correct direction. In the new update there are more pushback options so controllers will no longer need to send a taxi request before it is requested.


Ok so like “Banter1 requesting pushback and taxi to runway 28L” or something

Happens to me on Playground. Once I request pushback and they approve it, ATC tells me to taxi to the runway. Once I exactly begin the taxi, I’m told to line up. Once I’m near the runway, they let me takeoff.

Not entirely sure but man be something like “Pushback approved, face north” or something. May be what you said. We’ll find out soon.

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Well, don’t acknowladge to taxi to the runaway unless you’re completely finished with the pushback

This is called efficiency. Giving you taxi clearance immediately after pushback clearance allows the controller not to worry about you anymore (unless they need to issue a give way, etc). Saves time too, because you don’t have to request taxi.


Gr8 banter😂 sarcasm king has spoken😂😂😂


No, like banter1, pushback approved, expect runway 25

We will tell you to taxi before your pushback is over for.

  1. So you know which direction to push back to.
  2. It saves a ton of time
    So no it won’t stop

About the runway bit jiving with your flight plan don’t select a runway to use in it. It’s as simple as that.


If you leave your eye from the aircraft for the just efficiency purpose=accident will occur.

We will always have an eye on you. That’s why I said we’ll still issue a give way, etc.


Is today whine about everything day? 😬


Don’t be off topic please :)

They aren’t pushy, they just want to have a system that works for them and expedites certain things. Plus all you have to do is turn to your next fix after you takeoff so it doesn’t really matter at all.

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I wouldn’t call it pushy. Like Henrik and Brandon said, it’s just a matter of efficiency. A great example would be at de Gaulle last night; there were 20ish planes on the ground, so combining the two together cuts the response time in half and makes juggling ground and tower a lot easier.

If you want to see fast, you should see Tyler controlling. Pushback, taxi, two runway crossings, and one give way was given before I even moved a wheel on pushback… Lol.


The new pushback command allows us to get you pointed in the correct direction. If you don’t get taxi instructions, You’ll still need to request taxi when you’ve completed your pushback.


I agree with you even worse I just spawned into KLAX and the air traffic controller tells me clear for pushback and then right after taxi to runway 24L o didn’t even have my flight plan ready and I was not planning on taking of from that runway

It’s push back approved, expect runway XX I believe :3

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