Pushing Threads

Hey guys, just a small thing and something that really bugs me. When I logged into the IFC a few minutes before making this thread, I did my usual reading through the recent topics.
The first 2 topics that I picked where threads from earlier in the year that had been randomly pushed.

I mean, the dude had his questions answered. Was it really necessary to revamp a 2 month old topic?
another example where the point had already been explained (Love the description of filler though, 10/10).

It’s a small thing, but its just a tad annoying. Another example is our Aerosync thread.
Is it normal to reply to a comment, over a year since it was posted?
Half of you wont even read this topic. Perhaps in 2 months, someone will drop a comment 😡😡😡 and this thread will arise again…
Thanks for taking the time to read this at least…


I have to agree to most of this, it get annoying when topics from 2 years ago are risen again.

Quit complaining and flag them. Simple solution (: