Pushing the limits of virtual photography!

Are you guys ready to experience the limits of virtual photography? I hope you are 😎

After so many of you guys loved this topic, I decided to return with more realistic edits! These have been edited using snapspeed, Lightroom, and the apple photos editor. I have really pushed my limits of editing to see the very best photos I could get. The results, awesome.

Flight details

Routes: Various
Aircraft: A350, CRJ-200, 737, A-10, 787-9

Picture 1: “morning departure”

Picture 2: “ Kuala Lumpur arrival”

Picture 3: “A busy Los Angeles”

Picture 4: “The majestic A350”

Picture 5: “Minimums”

Picture 6: “sorry goose, but it’s time to buzz the tower”

Picture 7: “Positive rate, gear up!”

Thanks guys for looking, I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions and thoughts below as always!

See you around!


Magical! I love am all!


Thanks a lot man!


Sorry to be the guy, but this belongs in #real-world-aviation:spotting !.. 😁 😂

Anyways, these are awesome, the lighting and color contrast is just right for the pics! Amazing. Love to see more especially ones like the 3rd one, that line for takeoff is amazing looking!!

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Thanks man! I magically managed to open a few older replays when I had my sub so I managed to get these awesome shots with other planes 👌

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I added one more photo everyone! It’s a Lufthansa B747.

Stunning shots!! 💯
My favorite one is A350 Malaysia Airlines

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These are stunning, I have no words to describe them!

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Wow! That are amazing!

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That 2 and 3 pic was my favorite. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate it!

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These are all so cinematic!

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Thanks man!

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Very nice pics as always! the Lufthansa B747 is really beautiful ☺️

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The editing on these are perfect 🤤

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I have no clue how yo do that. I love them! Great job.

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Great, you pushed it!

Lets see in the future if you can put it to the max and push it more!!

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YES, love it. and here I am barely managing to use FACETUNE

I could never


Awesome photos

Thanks so much everyone!