Pushing The Limits Of Virtual Photography - March || Tribute to the Queen

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my “Pushing the limits of virtual photography” series which I’ll be doing monthly. This month, with the sad events of the coronavirus, and the sad retirement of the queen from KLM’s and Qantas’s fleet, I decided to make this as a small tribute to the queen. This was a hell of a month, and personally, has had a big impact on me. Putting all things aside, let’s get to the photos!

Photo Details

Routes: Various
Aircraft: Various
Flight time: Various


1.) The Q U E E N || KLM and Qantas 747 flyby @KLAX

2.) Lufthansa Cargo cruising over foggy Aspen

3.) KLM 747 blasting out of Amsterdam win the beautiful moonlight

4.) Lake Michigan from 100,000 feet

5.) The A350 flightdeck

6.) Northwest CRJ-200 landing @KOAK

7.) Swiss A321 blasting out of sight

8.) The Sidestick

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. Let me know down below your thoughts and opinions on these photos, but please make it constructive.

Thanks for looking, see you around!


I have no words.

I love the last one, great job mate. Keep it up!


My fav is the last one

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Some are way too over exposed or under exposed in other words to put it. otherwise nice work


Thanks guys!

@max7777 over exposure is one of my styles. Will keep your feedback in mind, thanks!


This is just AMAZING

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Thanks man!

I thought 3-4 times I hade found my favourite, but those pictures just kept coming ;) Some real stunners in there! Really well done as always. Thanks for sharing!

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Haha, thanks Julian!

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I love the northwest one and the last one!!!😍😍😍 some others are maybe a tad over edited for my taste. Keep up the great work!

Also maybe avoid posting the same screenshots in various topics


Thanks man! This is a “recap” of my favourite photos of March I’ve taken so it makes sense to put them here.

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Amazing! I love the Lufthansa Cargo! Astonishing work!

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These are nice, and I love the detail that is brought out in your photos, but…

It’s 12 at night here, didn’t really need to burn my eyes out


Lake Michigan by the way 😉


Thanks for letting me know, will fix it soon.

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That’s an incredible montage, brings back memories of the month, well done!

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Thanks Sashaz! Much appreciated!

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Keep this up mate, what photography! 👌👍

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Thanks Riley!

All good mate!

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