Pushing The Limits Of Virtual Photography || April edition

Hello all!

Welcome back to my April Edition of “Pushing the Limits Of Virtual Photography” series! Boy have I got some pictures to share with everyone! I got a subscription at the beginning of April and I’ve been loving it so far. So many flights, so many pictures to share! Unfortunately, there’s less 3 weeks of my subscription left, so I better make the best of it. Anyways, I’m hoping you guys will like the style. Please not that in this series I’ve included several of my styles. The “bright” style is purposely done to bring out the reflections, not because I want to blind you!

Photo Details

P h o t o 1 - TBM Cockpit
Route: IFR flying around LYVR
Aircraft: TBM930

P h o t o 2 - KC-10 Refuelling
Route: Refuelling around Qatar
Aircraft: KC-10

P h o t o 3 - Croatia Flying!
Route: LGAV-LDDU-LZDA with @NeperQiell and @AviatorAlex. Joined by @Komar1712 later on
Aircraft: Croatia Airlines A319

P h o t o 4 - Cargo… Delivered!
Aircraft: Qatar Cargo 777F

P h o t o 5 - Qatari A350
Aircraft: Qatar Airways A350-900

P h o t o 6 - A Foggy Innsbruck
Route: LDZA-LOWI with @Komar1712
Aircraft: Croatian Q-400

P h o t o 7 - Sunset Departure
Aircraft: Delta A319

P h o t o 8 - Iberia, summarized!
Route: Various
Aircraft: A321, A350, 747-200, CRJ-700

P h o t o 9 - A beautiful evening moonshot
Route: EFHK
Aircraft: Finnair Airbus A350-900

TBM Cockpit, such a beauty!

KC-10 Refuelling! Operation Hercules FNF

Croatia Flying!

Cargo… Delivered!

(Small gear tilt edit on top picture)

Qatari A350. Best livery on the A350! (in my opinion)

A foggy Innsbruck

Sunset departure

Iberia, summarized!

A beautiful evening moonshot

Feedback and opinions are welcome, but please make it constructive! Any memes/pictures directed towards the picture in a negative way will be flagged. Pleas keep the comments civil and refrain from making sarcastic/arrogant comments!

Thanks for looking, see you around!


I’d like to say that I was greatly inspired by the great @DeltaMD88Fan in terms of the thread and photo style! Please if possible do check out some of his photos, you won’t be disappointed!

A lot of revision on feedback and improving went through the process of making these photos. I hope you like them! I included different styles as lots of people liked separate styles.

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Simple but thoughtful! Edited with absolute precision! In one word:


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Cheers @snoman and @ifaviationkaler!

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Cant believe these are from IF!

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Dang those are stunner shots, great job!

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Awesome shots, my friend! I really like them, good job! It was really fun flying with you and @NeperQiell and @Komar1712!


these are great pictures… keep at it!!! :)

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Thanks guys! Much appreciated.

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you are most definitely welcome :)

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Dang! Those are fantastic!

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I think I’d have to agree. Great shots!


Awesome shots! I never knew we actually had the Croatia A319 (or 320 or whatever that is) in game but maybe I should use it!

And you forgot the E 😉

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Thanks @NoahM, @Ajaxibrahim, and @N2628P! Much appreciated!


Beautiful pictures!!! Love the first one, the blur is really nice.

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Ahhh these are some beauties. These cannot compare to mine. Very great job ;)

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Those are some amazing pictures right there. What editor do you use? Have an nice few weeks flying, hope to see you around.

Stay safe:)

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Thanks Rian! I use Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed and Affinity Photo.

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Very nice!

it’s Rian btw not Ryan

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