Pushing the CRJX to its limits (GCHL-EFHK)

I thought I’d try another unusual flight in this amazing sim, this time pushing the CRJ-1000 to its absolut range limits.
I flew the Binter CRJ-1000 from El Hierrro, the smallest of the Canary Islands, to the Northern European country of Finnland. The short runway on the cliffs of the volcanic island El Hierro made it super challenging to take off.
The CRJX was loaded at 80% capacity, fuel was filled up to the last drop. The 5-6 hour flight was sure going to be a challenge.

Expert Server, 5.7 hours of flying, GCHL-EFHK

El Hierro Airport


El Hierro Island

El Hierro and La Palma Islands

La Palma

Danish Islands


image|800x600 !

The Route


Very well done - I love pushing aircraft to their range limits…

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I live on Tenerife! Great photos! Oh, and that island is called El Hierro and not el Hierrro

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Yep, landed with ca. 2 mins of fuel left. Thanks to approach @Guxk for slipping me in between the approach patterns of the Helsinki crowded airspace.

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Cheers, will correct. Sure are some beautiful islands. The cliffs and ridges make for fantastic flying.

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Yep. They are beautiful.

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Second pict. like it

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that scenery tho 😍

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