Pushing the B772 to the limits!

Again an ultralong haul flight from Johannesburg to Los Angeles with the Boeing 777 of United airlines. The total flight time was 20 hours and 36 minutes and flew with 254 passengers and 16000kgs. This was the second flight I did because I ran out of fuel in the first try. I’ve used step climb on this route.

Information about this flight.

  1. Server: Expert server.

  2. Departure airport: Johannesburg OR Tambo international airport / FAOR / JNB 🇿🇦.

  3. Arrival airport: San Francisco international airport / KSFO / SFO 🇺🇸.

  4. Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER.

  5. Livery: United airlines.

  6. Cruise altitude: FL300 - FL320 - FL340 - FL360 - FL380 - FL400.

  7. Cruise speed: MACH 0.84.

  8. Flight time: 20 hours and 36 minutes.

Loading the passengers and cargo.


Approaching SFO🇺🇸.

Landing 🛬. (VS -71 FPM)


I don’t know why,but I can only see half of your picture…

I can see the whole pictures but idk if I’m the only one.


They have loaded now! Great Pictures 👌

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Thank you!

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Nice photos but I hate to be that guy but only max of ten photos allowed per topic. If I counted correctly, you have 12.

Now I’ve 10 pictures. Thanks!

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very impressive! if i may ask what was the total XP earned?

I don’t know the amount of XP I’ve earned with this flight, I never look at it tbh. Thanks!