Pushing Back onto the Taxiway

This is a recent trend that has started to proliferate more and more.

I have no idea where it comes from or why anyone would imagine this is the proper way to do things. For all the talk abou Realism™ on here, pilots sure do love to toss it out the window when inconvenient.

When you’re pushing back, there’s already a good chance you could be blocking someone in. However, when done properly, this is just part of life on the Ramp.

What is not normal, however, is what more and more people have started to do, which is push back all the way out of the ramp and into the taxiway. Not only does this take a rediculous amount of time during which more and more people end up waiting on you, while also making it impossible to predict where you’ll be for the other traffic that doesn’t want to just drop everything and wait for you for 5 minutes, it also blocks the taxiway to the runway while you spool your engines and make your flight plan and do your checklist or whatever it is you do while ignoring the fact you aren’t alone on the ramp.

Do not do this (yes, that plane is pushing back from that corner spot, not exiting he runway as it may appear):

I even had one at Sydney who planned on backing all the way up from the terminal near 07/25 to 16R. Ludicrous.

There are lines at most airports separating the ramp from the taxiways and runways, and pushbacks take place on the ramp. (I don’t need every random example of this one airport by your house that actually does this or that; not the point.)

Push back out of your gate and turn your nose toward the path to the runway on the ramp taxi line. Not straight back into the gates behind you. Not a foot and a half back so when you start taxiing you have to cut across 4 gates to actually start facing the right direction, and certainly not all the way into the taxiway where you’ve suddenly created an obstacle for everyone on their way to the runway.

Have any of you ever been on a flight out of Hartsfield where the plane was pushed back out of the ramp and then blocked all other traffic while they did the safety spiel? I seriously doubt it.

Side note:

If you’re backed up against the grass or terminal and request pushback but the controller tells you to taxi, taxi. Don’t pushback into the grass. Or pushback 90 degrees across the three spots next to you.


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