Pushing back An Airbus A319

Hello IFC,
Today I present what it’s like to push back an Airbus A319 from a rampers point of view! Enjoy! And as always fill free to ask questions!


Wow! This is awesome, how do you push an aircraft back? Is it like mirrored?


We have a very big pushback tractor that does it that head a big engine and we hook a towbar to the aircraft and pushback

I’ve always wanted to ask this but is it at all hard to control the airplane at any point in the turn?

That’s so cool! How long have you been doing it?

I do second this question.

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Not really! We can turn 90 degrees with an Airbus so we can pretty much turn it and push it however we want it

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Almost 2 years with the is company. Started pushing back airplanes when I was still a new hire

Dang, it looks interesting!

Okay, so to turn the plane nose left, do you turn the other direction?

It’s opposite. So turn the pushback right plane goes left, turn the pushback left plane goes right

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It’s like driving a trailer backwards.
To turn left, you turn right.
It’s a little confusing but you get the hang of it.

Kinda cool to see the ground crew perspective :)

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Exactly like that! Thought it be cool to share!


Very cool insight! I believe engine start on an Airbus is 2 and 1 in sequence, is this generally correct or operator specific or something?

Thanks for the cool video!

Nice video man! Imagine if the pilot is turning those lights on in front of you. You may be blind for the rest of your life :o

Engine start up is Engine 1 than Engine 2

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Yeah that’s actually happened to me. Not very fun

Hi! A few days ago I discovered that Iberia uses a new pushback on its planes. It is a small, radio-controlled electric trailer. They use it for a319/320/321. Interesting…


I met a guy who did the pushback for planes a few years ago. He said he’s done little CRJs all the way to 747s. he said the bigger the plane the easier it was to do the pushback. what do you think?

Really cool video! I’ve always wondered what it looked like from the ground crews perspective :D

from a scale of 1 to 10… how loud is the engine startup from the inside of the pushback vehicle?

I agree with that 100 percent

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