[Pushing Back] A quick flight to Dublin 190050ZDEC18

  • Aircraft and Livery: British Airways 738 or A320

  • Route: EGLL - EIDW

  • Time of Departure: 6:50 EST

  • Server: Training Server

  • Additional Information: This is just a quick flight I’m doing to Dublin if anyone wants to join, thought it would be a good chance for me to meet some new IFC members aswell

At the far left terminal in London

Please follow the correct format please :)

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I fixed the title, although I’m not sure about the Zulu time

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I’m sorry!!!

It’s fine, I fixed it for you this time, next time make sure to follow the format though.

Its the 18th not the 19th

I will! This is my something I threw together fast and wanted people to have time to see

It will be the 19th, it will be 12:50 AM in GMT time. :)

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If you’re going to come, plz spawn in

Oh sorry Forgot im in a diffrent time zone

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It’s fine. :)

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Sorry about that, changing my callsign

A mod can shut this down

You can just flag it, no need to comment just for it to close.

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Requested to be closed