Pushin’ to the Limits @CYVR 151500ZAPR19

Hello and welcome to pushing to the limits. This event will happen every month featuring any commercial aircraft and stretching it to its furthest routes. Each month the aircraft’s will grow in range. Depending on the average grade these will most likely be on expert with a few on training but none on casual. This will help everyone explore new airports and new aircraft that they have never flown before. Bring your VA or VA friends and come fly to some unique destinations all over the globe.
Starting in April, we will begin our Journey around the world. Be sure to join this months pushin to the limits.


Flight Time 4hrs

Hello! Please follow the guidelines provided in this article. Thanks!
You must have a route set up as the departure airport must be in your title!
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There, now that is better, thanks for fixing it!


Added a route thanks for the help!

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