Ik we already have a pushback button but , I was thinking that we could have a pushback button instead of the plane go back it would go forward. I was thinking this because 1. in real life some times they pushback the plane then they will move the plane forward . 2. If IF did this you could start out a Maint. Hangar and then just like real life have the plane do a "push forward " and the tug would bring the plane to the gate.

Let me know what you think !

Why not use the throttle? Kinda defeats the idea of pushback…


Please code this and give them to Matt :)

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It makes some sense; I will say that. I have the option to do this on X-Plane. The thing is, in IF the engines are always running, so there is no need for this now. If the option to shut your engines off was ever added to IF, then this could be useful at times.


i don’t know how to code


As we can’t turn off/on our engines yet you’ll have to use throttle. Until that is added that is pretty pointless.


Well said.

absolutely right

in the real world, the aircraft is often pushed back and then towed a bit out of the corner to protect the rest from the jet blast as the aircraft will taxi out. Especially if buildings or similar objects are close.

In IF we can simulate this by using PB and thrust and nobody will get harmed ;-)

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wahoo , but think about this also we can start out at a MAINT. hangar and then they could give a forward pushback to a gate like real life

I want a tow all the way to the runway automatically because I am lazy. Please make this possible asap.


What do you mean with Ik?
Are you dutch?

It means “I know”

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Ohh in dutch it means I

Ah. Well this is an English speaking forum. I’m pretty sure that was just an abbreviation XD

So what are we going to call it???. Pushfront or Pushforward? Pushback is very useful, especially when you spawn close to the grass. You won’t have to taxi in the grass.

You call it “tow”

@Joshua_Linsenberg… Max Sez. Think you need a Hanger/Tower/Ops Tour at a local “B” or “C” field to get the ops tempo down ! Your missing a beat. Suggest you get a copy of the"Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge" from faa.gov, it’s free!


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its abbreviated for I know , It teenager language

Indeed it was !

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It has still not changed to faa.com @Maxmustang 😉 I have told you before it’s faa.gov ;)

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