Pushback turn lock use?

Do most people use the turn lock capability during push back? I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere. Maybe I just missed it?: during push back, deflect rudder while at the same time hitting the earth nav icon at the bottom of screen? Or do you usually hold rudder continuously?

The rudder shouldn’t move while your trying to hit the map icon. There’s no need to hold it. If they do, try and go to your settings make sure that the ailerons are not coupled while on the ground.

I think he’s asking if people do it while pushing back…

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Then no, as there’s no need to hold it for me.

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Personally no I don’t, I find it easier to manual control the pushback all the way through. I do use the rudder lock at the stand to simulate a sort of wind when the power is off.


Since when did they add rudder lock?

It’s not exactly rudder lock. When your turning the rudder and open the map while it’s turned, it locks the rudder in place.


Ahh, I see. Well I still don’t see why you’d need to lock your rudder.

Yeah, like I said, I use it specifically to simulate wind when power is cut from the aircraft.

I noticed back from the olden days of IF. I’ve used the ATC menu to lock the rudder location which holds it inplace whilst trying to hold a steady crosswind or pushing back.

Also adds fun like you said trying to simulate higher winds.


This is a typical bug or feature question
Is it a bug the ruder locks when you hit com’s?
Or ís it a feature that holds ruder while Map is open?
To me it is a bug…

I don’t do it for pushback as I like making small adjustments as I’m turning to get it perfect. Also it’s easier in my opinion.

I have done it in the air though. Like what @USA_ATC said.


It works almost like rudder trim. But you can do this lock thing with reverse thrust and ailerons too. I honestly never use besides when the aircraft is powered off to simulate the vertical stabilizers being pointed downward like how it is IRL.


At this point it may as well be a feature 😂


It seems very similar to the glitch where you can lock the reversers open simply by pausing when using reverse thrust.

Didn’t realize it was possible to do this. I almost hope it doesn’t get removed 🤫


Yes that’s what I mean. I use it all the time as if it is a key feature.

Oh you mean the appearance of control surface deflection? That’s interesting. I didn’t know it does that. I was only using it for a kind of automated ground turning to reduce workload a bit as pushback is necessarily slow.

I’ve used it for years. I can’t remember it not being there.

Just a bit of hands free reverse steering.

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I never knew or even thought about it might work for crosswinds. I’ll have to check it out.