Pushback Tug "Roll Back"

Requesting the develvopers add the feature
that the Pushback tug any of the types, rolls or drives back away from the Aircraft then disappears.

When we request a detach instead of it just vanishing have it move straight back from the nose in the attitude its in while attached.

Why ? Because it would be helpful to see a confirm (even if we know it will) of a detach from the virtual cockpit view. Not to say it would be more realistic and very cool.
From the exterior view it would also look more realistic and not as cartoonish to have vanish without backing away.

The other ground services that can back away now do so to alter the coding I hope is not hard.

Im not suggesting its rolls up to attach. Just backs away.

That would be very cool to see it from the cockpit before we taxi.


Yeah I agree it’s not very realistic at all when it just disappears out of the blue it’s a great idea to have it go back to its gate you got my vote


Well, it would be a bit harder, the ground services only need to retrace where they came from. For the tug, it would need to pathfind to a new location, I imagine finding a new location to go to would be a bit of a nightmare to Code.
That being said I would still love to see this feature soon, Maybay in ground-services V2?


Just path directly backwards in the orientation or angle its attached at. I’m learning , I had guessed moving in one direction only a virtual 10 or 15 ft.
was not complicated. Maybe the great “L” can noodle this one out for us 🤔🙂

A path backwards would be straight through the aircraft, not great 😬

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Maybe the location could center on use the aircraft nose wheel as its zero reference point and move straight from there ? Doesn’t that happen now ?

The sky bridges and other GS equipment use the aircraft as the reference point. You can park at a gate in varying points within limits and the equipment still finds and aligns with the plane

This would be similar…just one way a set distance backwards. Use the nosewheel as the starting target

backwards relevant to the tug or backing away from the aircraft. Not moving to the back or towards the rear of the plane !
Not towards the aircraft. How did you interpret that from the tug moving backwards. It moves forward to the plane to attach correct ? So it backs up , backwards to detach and move away.

Yeah, this should definitely be put into place, and the code wouldn’t be too hard.

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I guess vote then if you can. Lol I’m campaigning for a rolling tug !

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Got my vote

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Thanks, I was kidding alittle. Not my place to ask.
But thanks !

It doesn’t need to go find the gate. Its going to vanish anyway. Thats alot of ramp navigation for it maybe. Just detach and move back away from the plane, stop and sit a minute like the loaders or Catering truck then “Poof” all gone.

Helps us simulate its detached and clear from the pilots view.