Pushback truck issue

Hello everyone, I just updated IF to 22.2 and it seems like there is a small issue with the new pushback truck… If you attach it to the 737-800 (haven’t tested any other planes yet) the pushback truck collides with the nose of the aircraft… Maybe the devs can look into that…
Cheers, Robin


Hello there, as the developers have mentioned in the blog post, there are plans for varying pushback tug sizes that are expected to come in the future, and this is just the first iteration. Rest assured, this is something that the developers are well aware of already.


Ahh okay, I understand… I also read the blog post, but thought they will adjust the position of every aircraft for the current truck, but if that’s something for the future I’ll accept that 👍

Seems this is the case with majority of aircaft. Tried the Q400 before and almost half of it was sat on the tug.

Its these types of niggles that makes the feature a little disappointing, especially with the A320 and 737 families nose cones hitting the tug cab.

Lovely feature to have but think it could have been less rushed for delivery.


There needs to be a hot fix for this soon


It’s worse on the a320 just had a look but it’s not the end of the world.

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