Pushback tractor/tug

Was just thinking about this. Would add a ton of realism to the sim with just a small implement.

You have my vote, I’m with you 1000%!!!

An idea I find even more interesting is to let other people control the pushback trucks. Making it a seperate task.

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You have my vote! This is going to be so cool to use if it comes in game

X-Plane 11 has something similar to this, why can’t we?

Just a bump. This will make the game so much more realistic

With the number of flights per day (if you see on liveflightapp map) having a human-driven pushback truck would make it a rarity for anyone’s flights. So I’m more inclined to the automated pushback actually, so that every single plane could get this service when this feature first rolls out. But, developing an extra mode for someone to drive it on active airports would be a plus!


I would love this!!! So much realism! You got my vote!

Wow 3 votes in 1 day!

Alright if we’re being honest, if we can have moveable jet bridges, we can definitely have pushback tugs.


Yea and now we have 6 votes in one day!

That’s quite a lot of votes, and the day isn’t over. I’m gonna try to free up a vote, cause I swear I voted for this but apparently not.

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Ok sounds good

Heres an idea, when you press the start pushback button, an option comes up and you can select Tail Left, Straight Out, Tail Right, even adding more realism (and making it easier 👀) by making the pushback fully automated, like how it would be in real life. Or it could be Tail Left, Straight Out, Tail Right, Manual Pushback for funky pushbacks


That’s absolutely true, right now. But potentially this could attract other users who are primarily interested in operating the pushback truck. Sort of like A.T.C.
Or we, as pilots, could just operate them ourselves since we already control the pushback.


Just arrived on 22.2


Yep we have pushback trucks!


I believe it was like a month ago I voted for this, and now we have it!

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Enjoy your votes back. The animated pushback tug has been included with 22.2. Please see the following post for more information. Congratulations and thanks again for the request for this awesome feature!