Pushback tractor/tug

Now I know all of you ex-Nvidia engineers are to going to bombard me saying how difficult it would be to code something like this, but hear me out…

What is it?
Just a pushback truck, you know those weird vehicles which help push an aircraft out of the gate and align them to the required taxiway? those ones. Surprise! aircraft can’t move backwards by themselves (exceptions do exist), except if you’re in IF.

How would it work?
This is where it gets interesting. Currently, we have a pushback button, which causes the aircraft to move backwards at a slow pace, add in some (skillful) rudder inputs and you’ve now aligned yourself to a taxiway.

While this imitates a pushback, it isn’t really simulating it.

Now I personally have no clue to the coding aspect of this, but here’s what I was thinking.

FDS models a pushback truck just like it models aircrafts. When you spawn in, file your flight plan, request push and start, you then begin by making sure your parking brakes are set. you then press the ‘pushback’ button. the truck appears at a distance and drives to you. After the ‘pushback’ truck arrives and aligns itself with the aircraft nose wheel, a message appears on the top of your screen just like those turn hdg messages saying ‘pushback truck ready, release parking brake’. You then release the parking break to begin pushback. When you apply a rudder input, the truck turns according to the corresponding rudder input. Should you require to pause the pushback for any reason, you can then press the brake button to pause the pushback, and then simply release it to continue. After you align yourself to the taxiway, you press ‘brake’ first to stop the pushback process and then seperately press ‘stop pushback’ to make the pushback truck drive away from you for a certain distance and disappear. You then request taxi clearance and begin taxi as approved.

Even though this could take a while to implement, It would greatly improve realism. Imagine starting your engines while pushing back. A pushback truck driver view where you are able to view the aircraft backwards from the nose wheel would be amazing.


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Got my vote 😉 It would be really cool to see this. They could make it so that, on live, the truck would only render for your aircraft.

Your photoshops always look so good!


Or something that the pushback truck appears when you spawn and is sitting at the gate waiting for you


Got my vote too! Looks good ;)


Amazing idea. I’ve seen people want this before but theyve never explained it aswell as you! Great job


i like the idea but it would be weird because it will be the only 3d model there (excluding the plane of course)


really going to vote for this one! great feature! :)

  1. That means Other people will be annoyed that there is no other simulated Ground Services.

  2. If the Devs werent able able to make Fuel Dump visible due that it will require way higher Graphical and CPU machines, how will they make 3D trucks?

  3. Think about it, Having 3D trucks without having 3D buildings will make the idea obsolete + people will be asking repititvely for 3D Buildings.

  1. It will cause a big jam on Live, and if only your truck will appear, then we still have a “Problem”

Like the idea. But I’d like 3D terminals/towers first.


please don’t use that langauge


One thing at a time. Plus, if there other ground service vehicles, those will require automation to make them constantly move around the airport to look realistic, which I know is a lot more complicated to code.

Coding visible fuel dump requires the integration of what’s known as ‘particles’. These particles aren’t just challenging to code, not to mention that’s not really a problem, but they’re extremely graphical processing intensive to render. Not really ideal for mobile devices (at the moment). Besides, we have 3D planes, why should modeling 3D trucks be a problem?

As I previously said, one thing at a time. I never said that pushback trucks should come before 3D terminals. If people are continuously bugging for 3D buildings, well, we have mods to take care of that.

How exactly will it cause a jam on live? It will appear when you need pushback, and then disappear after your pushback is completed.

I never suggested that only my truck should appear on live and not anybody else’s. If FDS can make everyone’s truck visible when they’re pushing back without causing any lag, sweet!


Excuse me, what you mean by that? I felt that i just wrote Bad words…


So what we have know, but with a 3D model? Seems reasonable. The simplest way to make this would be for the ground vehicle to be a set distance and bearing away from you and travel towards you, but this could result in spawning on grass etc. Another possibility is spawning on the nearest roadway markings (white) and taxiing to the aircraft. Would you suggest it being invisible to other players?


That’s there fault

Particles are wayyyy more RAM intensive than 3D models. See @ValXp 's 3D particle effects app for more info.

It doesn’t make 3D buildings obselete in any way. They should understand that many 3D objects is harder to efficiently render and model than 1

Why will it cause a jam?

The ideal spawn point for these vehicles would be on the roadways designated for ground vehicles movement. There should also be certain restrictions such as they can’t enter grass, buildings areas etc. Though It all depends on FDS and what they’re able to produce without significant lag. Same goes for the pushback truck’s visibility to other pilots on live, if they’re able to render them without causing memory or other issues, by all means I would suggest make it visible to other pilots and controllers as well.


I have literally no idea about memeory management in C#, except it has automatic memory management, but I am an airport editor. I see the roadways method being feasible, but a few issues:

  • Roadways don’t lead direct to spawns

  • It is extremely difficult (extremely) for a computer to work out what are 3D buildings with the current system

  • What if there are no roadways?

  • GA?

What do you mean by your Starting sentence, its misleading.
But Again Why should be give the Tow truck a “Special Care” while we dont give the others a simple look? Either Add them all, or not to add them.

Dude, i get the point of “Particles”, but many of the devices that people use are Low end, what you didnst propose is that it could be “toggled on/off”

Again, your Intro Statment is misleading. But Agree on that we have “Great Mods”.

As mentioned, Many people have low end devices.

Hopefully, but that may require Next-Gen CPU/GPU.

Side Note:- Well done on that Constructive Conversation!

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Maybe FDS can code a few exceptions for ground vehicles.

Not my area of expertise so can’t really comment on that.

What I would suggest in that case is make no ground service vehicles, especially the pushback truck, available in smaller airports or ones without roadways. Just like how we currently have restrictions for heavy’s in small airports


Because it’s simpler than adding the 193939299483828473 building on earth and rendering them without issue


Allow me to elaborate. When I said ‘one thing at a time’, I meant that we should only be proposing and discussing one feature request at a time in one topic. Just like the way the forum wishes to do it. Since you preferred a feature request topic for all ground service vehicles at one go, I didn’t want to do that because each vehicle has a different purpose than the other, which will require different coding for each type of vehicle, because if you observed, the way baggage carts park next to an aircraft is different to the way a fuel truck moves and parks. This would then require separate discussions from a community standpoint as to how they should function in the sim. Since we currently support pushback, I requested a pushback truck. Now that refueling is going to be supported, you can go ahead and request a fuel truck. Another reason why I didn’t do an all-in-one topic is because when I looked up for duplicates, I noticed that those type of topics were closed immediately. So not sure how I was misleading there.

Actually, that’s a great idea. Toggle-it-off feature for those who have low end devices. I’ll let you keep the credit.

You’ve solved it yourself.

No hurries. We’ll implement it when they arrive. They’re coming faster than ever anyway.