Pushback then taxi

After the new update when you are approved ouch back expect runway xx. Do you still need to request taxi to that runway or can you just taxi.

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Yes, you still need to request taxi clearance.


You have been told what runway to expect, you still need to receive taxi clearance.


I’ve been seeing pilots who think “expect” means pushback then proceed to the expected runway. These days I send so many “Wait for clearence before taxiing” messages than I ever did.


You must request taxi once you complete your pushback. Any movement before you’re cleared could result in being ghosted.

We added the expect RWY command so the pilot would know which direction to pushback.


Ok thanks for the clarification joe

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Expect runway XX. Not Taxi to runway XX.

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This new command makes it easy for you to decide the turn of your pushback as well as file your flight plan that way.

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