“Pushback/Taxi to/from stand” ATC command

This feature will help improve realism as well as make the airport more organised. The feature includes two main parts.

The first part is the pushback from stand command. When an aircraft is ready for pushback, they will have the option to state what stand they are at.
For example, a British Airways aircraft would say…
“London Heathrow ground, Speedbird 001, ready for pushback at stand 513 (or whatever stand they were parked at).”
This would help ATC as often the controller is unable to locate where aircraft in comparison to other aircraft. So if another aircraft requested to pushback from stand 514, the controller would know there is an aircraft pushing back next to it.

The second part to this feature is when an aircraft has landed and wants to taxi to a specific stand. Once they aircraft had switched to ground, they would press taxi to parking, then all the airports parking stand said would appear and they would be able to chose their desired stand. After requesting a stand, a vertical line above the stand would appear to help the aircraft locate the stand. This would be similar to the setting where aircraft can see where all the runways are with the vertical line above each runway.
For example, the British Airways aircraft has landed and they would say…
“London Heathrow ground, Speedbird 001, request taxi to stand 513”.

Overall, these features would help the controllers with safely navigating aircraft as well as improving the realism of the game.

This usually doesn’t happen to me, does it happen to anyone else? Or maybe you can provide examples?


Yeah that part of the feature doesn’t make that much sense to me. I never had any problems locating the plane since it’s flashing on the screen. Furthermore, I don’t know the location of every gate at an airport 😅…

That being said the rest sounds good. This combined with a few other requests would really be good!


I think the pushback command is ok, but for the taxi command, it would be super hard to find the stand you want by scrolling through like 500+ different stand buttons on the ATC menu lol. And it would also be hard to know what stand you want.
But the pushback one is good.

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I agree with you!
There are times when an A388 is parked in places of E-170

Yes, the taxi to stand would be optional. You could just say taxi to parking.

This happens to me, when an aircraft is in a stand, other aircrafts want to park next to it (I don’t know why), but later, in the map there will be a lot of aircraft parked next to each other, this confuses me.

Usually when an aircraft requests pushback, their aircraft starts blinking, making it easy to identify them.