Pushback question

so basically i was at KDFW and just checking out my gate for an event and i would just like to know whats the pushback procedure here? gate D07 (A)
(if there’s an obvious one i dont realise im so sorry)


If I were you, I would ethier push into the empty stand behind you or I would turn fully right into the other gate and then turn all the way left but that would be very realistic.

the problem is that this is an event and the gates are non other than taken

In this scenario I typically push to the main taxiway


Can you control the speed of the pushback like can you make it go faster

No the pushback tug seems to go at a set speed of around 2kts or so…

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This would be the best option in my opinion


DFW native and ramper here. This would be the correct procedure for both D6 and D7.


Aha! Thanks alot everyone