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Hello, I have a question about Burbank/Hollywood Airport “Bob Hope” (BUR/KBUR).

I flew in from Colorado a few days back and I used the Airbus A319. I landed and everything went fine. Today, when I was picking a route I decided to execute Southwest Airlines flight 3020. The flight left from Burbank’s Terminal A.

When I was doing my pushback the wing of the aircraft infringed the hold-short line of runway 26. That’s where the problem comes in; the terminal in Burbank is right next to the runway and there is only one taxiway that separates them.

The largest aircraft operating is the slightly bigger Airbus A320NEO, so the problem isn’t too serious. Still, could I be issued a violation for this? And if so, how do I combat it?

I think it’s very unlikely you’d be issued a violation as long as you’re on the taxi line. If you did, I think it would be a very easy case to win in appeals considering you don’t have other options. There is also a place in LAX where this happens (I think) and I’ve never had an issue.

I control Burbank frequently and I haven’t had to give any violations for the reason you provided above. The main cause for violations would be when the pilot intentionally doesn’t stay on the taxiway during their taxi and enters the runway without permission

I don’t think so

Maybe I’m misremembering but I’m pretty sure on the taxi from TBIT to 25R a bunch of heavies can infringe on 25R if they’re on the rightmost taxiway.

Went to test and it does seem that you are right. I don’t think the infringement issue is as big of problem at LAX as it is at BUR

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Yeah it’s not because of the parallel but I have been forced onto that one before and no ATC has ever cared

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I’m not a Burbank realism police, but I believe that any pushback in the terminal implies an unintentional incursion into the runway (crossing the hold short line). That said, as a controller dealing with light traffic at KBUR I always try to avoid pushing back an aircraft if another is using or about to use the runway. With considerable traffic this may not always be possible though.

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