Pushback Question

How do you know wether the airport is a pushback and turn or if its a pushback and pull foward to turn?


This has some pushback info in it

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I thought it really depends on the airport? Denver pushes back straight and then the plane pulls forward to turn.

In IF I just use the external camera to zoom out and make sure I give myself room

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There’s a few issues there. engines are started 1 at a time for a start haha


Thanks for the feedback guys! The only reason why i ask is because i was doing an event at DFW and the leader said that it isnt a pushback and turn airport. I know my home airport of KISP is like that too

I didn’t even know that some airports didn’t turn during the pushback…
Why would they not turn during the pushback? Spacing?

Think you would go through a few shear pins if you turned that tight on a pushback! Don’t think the poor rampies would be impressed with being blinded by the strobes either!

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The answer is: It really depends on the airport.

Airports like KSJC have planes push back and turn 90 degrees. Airports like KDAL have planes that push straight back and it’s up to the pilots to turn the planes when the planes begin taxiing. There are also some airports like KATL I think where planes are pushed back at a 45 degree angle.

How do you know an airport’s pushback procedure?

Easy! Just go up to YouTube, search up the airport, and add the word “pushback” after the airport.

For example, if I want to know how planes at Dallas Love Field gets pushed back, I can put in the YouTube search bar “Dallas Love Field pushback.” Then, watch a video that shows a clear view of the pushback, whether it is from the plane window or outside and pay attention to see if the plane turned at all during pushback and how much it turned.


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