Pushback PTU Sound

Would be pretty cool to have the Power Transfer Unit (PTU) sound added to the Airbus aircraft.

It is the power drill sound that you hear after pushing back.

After pressing “STOP PUSHBACK” or “Brake” (only if pushing back), the sound of the PTU would go off. This update could come out whenever the devs push an engine sound update later in the future or whenever.

Video (not mine): https://youtu.be/aqV6WZNBhtM


1 word - Realism


I have never heard this on a plane. A video would propably explain it bit better




skip to 3:04


@The_Greatest_Basket Its when the tow bar is being disconnected from the front landing gear. It sounds like a power tool.


Also the sound of engine 1 starting while pushback (GE90 startup sound) 😍


It shouldn’t make a sound if you’re using a towbar and do it right, however, if your pushback driver binds it up and you have to force it off, it will make a bit of a clatter.

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Well, I always hear it whenever we pushback.

Are you sure it’s not some system powering up on the aircraft, on all the planes I’ve been on or moved, I’ve only heard the towbar make a sound twice. The 2 times were times we busted the tow bar too.

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@Ryan_Vince I was wrong. I updated the original post.

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It sounds like a dog


Someone help there’s a dog trapped somewhere on the plane lol. It would be a great feature to have

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That sound was music to my ears. 😍

Another must have! +1 for realism!

MaxSez: @Keegan_Gidley. You sure it a PTU pumps transferring hydraulic fluid? Or a combination APU wind down + packs recycling after ground power has been removed?

That exactly what Inwas thinking:)😂

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I hate to be dumb but i just heard a dog barking throughout the video :’(

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I’ve been dying to know what that sound has been! I always thought it was the rudder turning or something, but now I know. :)

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That’s what it is lol.

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What do you mean by[quote=“Bluepanda900, post:19, topic:73282”]
That’s what it is

Dog barking is the sound lol.