Pushback Problems

It had already happen more than twice. When I want to start pushback, the notice appears, although no ground services visual already.

S22 Galaxy

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Maybe you should restart your Device. See if that works other than that I’m not an expert.

And also welcome to the community @Franklin1909

I know this may sound simple but have you also ensured to disengage your parking brake before trying to push?

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Ah yss, thankyou for allowing me to chat in this forum

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I had this same problem earlier today. Restarted the app didn’t work. I ended up having to delete the app and do a new install of it.

However, I am on an iPhone. Maybe Android will work with just the app restart?

No problem! I recomend to look through the Guide to the Community to get a complete understanding of the forum. I hope you have an amazing New Year and that you don’t experience any issues in the future.

(If you do, you already know where to post!)

Like it was impossible to push no matter what? That doesn’t make any sense tbh

I know! I just kept getting that “please disconnect ground equipment” error message. Even when I restarted the app.

Oh that, that used to be a big problem in 22.4, but then there was a hot fix that should’ve fixed it

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