Pushback problem

Hey guys,
I am very happy to finally have the global update out. However when I started my first flight, when I pressed the pushback button(with engines on), it said “stop pushback” like normal, however my plane didnt move at all. I also repeated the process on solo, however it still wont pushback. My spawn point is KJFK Terminal 4 gate 80. I will be trying other airports after posting this, and will take it down it needed. I would like an answer: thanks guys!

By any chance you are using a 757-issues with pushback and this aircraft have been reported

Hey , thanks, but I am using the 787-8. Any ideas?

On my 6s, I turn the engines on, after 5 minutes they quit, so can’t fly on my phone.

Do you have fuel? Please create a separate support ticket for this issue.

Hmm. I had about 9 hours of fuel for a flight to london.

Yeah. If I update to IOS 11 I could record and share

What device and OS are you using? Is it only with the 787? Where the brakes engaged?

Sorry That was directed toward the other user. The one above was directed at you :)

Great then make a separate support topic please.

I am using a Galaxy tab A model SM-T580. Using 7.0 on this.

Your engine throttle isn’t on as you try and pushback is it? That will prevent the aircraft from pushing back.

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Is it only the 787 or others as well? Also where the brakes engaged?


Engines were on, however the were idling at the normal 19% n1. Brakes were not engaged. Going to go try with other planes, be back here.

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Nevermind. Seems i didnt habe enough space on tablet. Thanks for help though!