Pushback Preset


This is my first ever feature request, so don’t be too harsh ;)

I would love to see the ability to set a pushback path implemented into Infinite Flight. To explain: Before pushing back, you can set a path for your aircraft to automatically follow when you activate the push back, so you can focus on other things, and not worry about messing up the push.

I know the chances of this ever becoming a reality is slim, but it would be cool. Also, do let me know if this already has a request.

Except, it would be far to complicated for something that we can do manually.

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I agree, however it would be cool and it could even been controlled by ATC.

Well… what other things would you do be doing exactly?

Everything should be prepared before pushback, so you wouldn’t have to focus on “other things”.

Sorry, but I would find this unnecessary, as you can just… use your hands to control pushback. 😂

There are many other features that would have priority over this. Sorry.


Woah, a bit harsh their tiger ;)

There’s not much going on during pushback besides getting clearance, pushing back to the direction you want, and starting engines.

All of your checks should be done prior, then after engines are started.

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I like the idea. It would be something similar to “Better Pushback” for X-Plane

I think this is the same thing here

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I think @Angelo’s request is a bit different.

Angelo is asking for a automated pushback done automatically.

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Closed and unlisted by OP request.