Pushback on aircraft with aircraft that don’t have the pushback button

Yes, I know I’m dumb, How does one pushback with an aircraft without the pushback button at an airport. For example: a C208?



You don’t, usually you should be able to make a turn out to the taxiway from the gate. GA spots usually have taxiways on both sides


You turn and burn.


Yes, you should be able to just start your engine, and just request taxi if there is ATC, or just start taxiing! And also, you’re not dumb. Lots of people probably don’t know that.

So, any gate, I can taxi straight from any gate? Or do I need a certain chart?

There are specific general aviation ramps or gates available at many Airports. These ramps have a kind of taxiway from the ramp. You can taxi straight onto the taxiway without pushing back.
Be aware that this is only for general aviation ramps.

ah ok I get it

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