Pushback issue after 22.4


I use the 3 ground services for the 777F and then disengage them. After waiting a min, I disengage parking brake and attach the pushback truck. But when I try to pushback, I can’t and get a message the ground service vehicles are still engaged when they absolutely are not. This is happening every single time.

Is this a known issue and is there a solution?


This happens to me as well:/

Hello. This has come up at least 5 times on the forum in the past week. Please view other topics created to find the known solutions :)

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Are the ground services still visible ?

Nope they’ve disappeared

Ok but it still like someone from the dev team to respond if they can

Maybe also check this.


We’re aware of this issue and have fixed it for a hotfix update, but until then see here for a list of steps that consistently work.

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Thanks KaiM

We have a hotfix (22.4.1) rolling out on the App Store and Google Play now that addresses this issue. Thanks for the report!