Pushback into aircraft...

Poor ground controller lol. If I had followed his instructions, there would be a messy cleanup on Taxiway Ouch 🚒🚨.
This is was on PG so the expectancy level wasn’t to high, but still lol.
Here’s my goal: post a story you had of a controller telling you to do something that made absolutely zero sense😂😂✈️

(I am sorry if this is a duplicate I can’t find the original) if it is lol post the link to the original and tell of your own story ;)


Even though you were given pushback authorization, you need to check your sorroundings for other aircraft that may be doing the same thing.


Understood but the proper ATC response would have been for me to hold position. Especially since the frontier guy wasn’t moving

Approving pushback when i requested permission to cross runway.

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Once I was trying to land at EGBB, and the friggin controller made me go around FIVE TIMES before landing. The first time, my approach was too high, so that was understandable. The second time, I turned right behind an aircraft on final, and he told me to go around again. The third time, he said he’ll call my base, and made me turn base right into another aircraft that was on final… 😑 The fourth time, the friggin controller gave me clearance to land, and gave another aircraft clearance to takeoff when I was about 500 feet from the ground instead of letting the aircraft hold short. The FIFTH time, the same exact thing happened. That is literally my most frustrating, aggravating and annoying flight ever.

Not to mention, doing all of this in a 77W takes LOTS of time. I went from Heathrow to Birmingham. What was supposed to be a 20 minute flight was turned into an hour long flight.


On advanced?


Yep. On advanced…


Wow. Things happen though. 5 times is a bit steep, but we all make mistakes unfortunately. _(ツ)_/¯


That sounds horrific 😳

I saw a United 777-200 on the runway. Back and above there was a Garuda Indonesia. United 777 was cleared and Garuda was cleared. Ended up hitting eachother.

As if ATC is God in real life.hahahha. check for yaself too

At San Diego today on Live a controller cleared me for takeoff, and I went further down the taxiway all the way to the end of R27. Then as I entered he cleared a Dash 8 for takeoff and then me and then a third plane behind me. I mean if we had collision crash settings or if this was real there would be a real mess on the runway. I’ve never seen a controller clear three planes for takeoff at one time especially at San Diego which only has one runway, and is fairly busy most of the time.

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It is your job to be aware of your surroundings too as a pilot.



I understand. I waited on the runway for the Dash 8 to depart and then took off. The other plane took off behind me. I am a safe pilot, and I had to ignore the controller in this situation, but thanks anyway.

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Normally you would be right though

does happen from time to time on Advanced…all human after all! Once had a similar occasion where advanced vectored me around for EGBB, however left me at 6,000ft when at the top of the ILS and no way to reach landing altitiude in good time so had no chance but to GA. HAppens rarely on advanced, expected more on PG server but even on the ‘paid for regions’ not too often. SOCal of course is a different ball game…

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Well, you spawned where the cargo planes are supposed to spawn

Well, I mean u would’ve seen him either way because ur supposed to always look for oncoming planes. Like u wouldn’t taxi into the runway without looking and a 747 lands, and rips the tail and roof off your poor ol Embraer?

Lol that would be plain stupid.

We often times get cleared to push in real life but have to check our surroundings and wait for other aircraft that are moving, it’s the responsibility of the ground crew to make sure the plane is safe to push.

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