Pushback forward

You can abuse the pushback command and use it to go forwards and gain infinite amount of speed.

To reproduce:

  • Start a Solo or a Live Flight
  • Press the Pushback button in the Systems Menu.
  • Apply enough thrust so that the airplane starts moving forward for 1 or 2 seconds.
  • You’ll notice the aircraft gaining speed indefinitely. This will continue on the ground and in the air.

On this pic you can see me gaining airspeed without any thrust applied, and that pushback is activated.

Using Latest Version of IF and an iPad Pro 12,9" iOS 10.3.1


Known issue actually. :)


Oh, okay. I couldn’t find a similar request in #support though.

Nah, it’s not there. But i know this one have been reported in other ways, as i was the one who reported it. Haha. :)


Known. Please reserve support for performance issues and problems that prevent you from utilizing Infinite Flight. Many bugs are known and will be fixed in due time.