Pushback For GA Aircraft

Hey IFC, today I want to request a feature that would be pretty easy to implement and I’m kind of surprised is not already in the game. I am requesting that GA aircraft gain the pushback button because they are pushed back in real life. For those who do not know, GA planes are generally pushed back by the pilot using a tow bar that attaches to the front wheel (seen below), or they are pushed back by a small remote control TUG. Planes are generally pushed back after landing when they need to be put into a hangar or tied down at a T-gate. While they are also pulled forward, this feature is not yet in the game and would add more complication to this request. To make this more realistic, the speed at which the plane is pushed back can be reduced from 3 knots to around 1 knot. I hope you guys like this idea!

Note the same process is used for returning the plane to the hangar

We’re not the devs so maybe its not in the game for a reason…maybe its not that easy


It is on all airliners and has been for years. The only planes without pushback are the GA aircraft and some military planes. The devs have made working instruments, gear tilt, a cabin, door animations, and unique engine sounds standard, adding pushback cannot be nearly as hard as any of those things. Besides, the code already exists.


The pushback feature is infinite flight is likely there to represent a pushback truck, hence why it is mainly found on commercial airliners in the game!

Many GA aircrafts tend not to be pushback by a truck, this may be a reason it is not added in the game!

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It does represent a truck on airliners, but it doesn’t have to represent a truck on ga aircraft. It could represent an rc TUG or a tow bar.


Yes, also that probably wouldn’t be 3-5KT, so they would have to re-code pushback speeds for GA. that would take some time?

Probably not as much as you think. It is most likely just a matter of changing a variable

You do make an interesting point. However as mentioned above, the pushback feature is there to represent the actual pushback trucks. As for GA aircraft, I think that this suggestion is reasonable and should be added. But with that comes the fact that I am not a IF Developer, so you never know how hard it could be. And most of the time at airports, you can spawn in at a stand designed for GA and some military aircraft.

Good day!

Yes, but stands require the plane to be pushed back into them, and the pb button only represents a truck because airlines are the only planes with them.

I totally agree, but until a pushback feature comes out for GA aircraft we are stuck with having to park ourselves.

Hence this request

Yes I see, im out of votes… I’ll see if i can clear one for you.

I have given you my vote. Nice suggestion btw

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i just wanted to boost this, i think this would be an amazing feature yet one that, in thesis, is so easy to implement

parking GA aircraft is truly a struggle without the pushback feature. now that we have actual pushback tugs, it would be interesting to see actual RC tugs and low bars pushing back small jets like the citation and other GA planes such as the good ol cessna

it would also be interesting for the XCub, as it most likely is pushed back/forward by the pilot theirself, without the use of any tu

heres a video of a RC tug in action

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It looks interesting indeed! And now you get your vote back!

Damn gg bro!

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This is a great addition to the game

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lets gooo!!

congrats guys. i flaged the post for closer

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