Pushback bug and error code 07

While I was trying to pushback in KSAN, i had all requirements done and a notification pops up saying to disconnect all ground crew services, i have already done that and it persists. I tried to put the services back in my plane and once they attached, i got rid of them. It still persists.

Device: Android Samsung S22 pen version
Operating System: Latest Version

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Already got this also…
Please let me know if you find a way to reproduce on demand

Did you wait long enough for the stairs to disappear?

And cycle it on and off again

yea i think its a bug ive experienced too. the only fix i know of is to quit flight, restart app, and start again lol. that did the trick for me

Was not able to reproduce it on purpose after quitting and starting back the flight

Not being able to repro doesn’t help. :(

Does the location (airport & gate) matter?

Probably not I was not @ KSAN
Can’t remember where tho 😢

Its common with old aircraft in game, or if you do your checklist to fast. Just slow down and it should be fixed

I had this also, had to switch off app and restart.

Another problem, when i try to open the game it gives me an error code 07, about the internet maybe. It wont load even though i have good internet. Any solutions?

Tried to restart my phone, error code 07 persists, ima watch yt till someone replies to me giving a solution

Actually happened to me once when a baggage truck was at a spot where the one for your aircraft would be, but seems unrelated

Happened to me before . Did you make sure automatic engine start is not on in the game settings ? If so that could be causing the problem (at least that’s what happened to me )

i didnt check at the time because of error code 07

update, error code 07 no longer persists

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