Pushback approved!

Hello, i‘ve just a simple question because i do not know/understand what exactly to do when

„Pushback approved expect Runway …“ Do i have to keep waiting?

Thanks a lot


Hi there! No, you do not have to wait. This is a message to help you point your aircraft in the right direction. A controller will usually do this in an attempt to have you expect a certain runway and for your pushback to point your aircraft toward that runway for taxi. You must still request a taxi clearance after pushback.


You can go ahead and pushback, also you know what runway you will taxi too. I would recommend looking at the user guide for more questions like this.

Ahh hey there! I was, and still am your controller. Pushback approved [expect runway…] means that you are allowed to pushback, and will have … runway as your departure runway (it may change at any time though)

If you have any questions about the violation you got before, please PM me.


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