Pushback Approved - TTS is Fixed

The TTS now says “pushback” properly. :)


Also the United 787-9 confirmed.

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Yes, I’m aware. I was expecting that.

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I’m dying of laughter! 😂😂. But, yes, it does sound better than “puschback”, but it still sounds different!

Why is that?

It sounds like “pooshback”


I’m so happy!!! United 787-9! 😄😄😄

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I like the way it’s said in the video, before it sounded weird.

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Excellent! Hooray for this.

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I’m gonna miss the old pushback… It sounds like pooooshback now or maybe I’m just used to the old one.

It’s only fixed for the initial contact and the ATC command. Still says it the old way when an aircraft acknowledges the command.

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Actually, I’ve noticed from a towers point of view, when a plane says “ready for pushback” it sounds correct. But as soon as the plane responds with “Pushback approved”, that’s pronounced incorrectly just like before.


I’ve noticed this too.

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