Pushback approved (green button)

Does anyone know why when an a/c request pushback sometimes the green button shows up and sometimes you have to find the pushback approved button down the list? Is this a bug?

Normally pilots have to request pushback before it appears in green as a response to their request. If they just said ‘ready to taxi’ and they require pushback, then you need to tell them ‘pushback approved’ separately. In some cases this will also happen if they communicated something else before you had the opportunity to clear them for pushback. Or did it happen with some different scenario?

When someone requests pushback I have had either the green button, or just the regular one I have to find down the list. Not sure why it appears different each time. Nothing stands out to me as to why each one happens or why the green button would appear or not appear.

I’ve had this happen occasionally too. Sometimes when someone requests pushback it doesn’t turn green and go to the top.

Sorry for bumping this old topic, but this happened to me yesterday when I was controlling. Seems like it’s not fixed yet.

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This happens frequently for me

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