Pushback Approved…“Facing x”

Hey there IF community I have came up with a proposition to make ground traffic flow smoother specifically in the ramp area. If we add alongside the pushback clearance the direction in which to face for example, “Pushback approved, Expect RWY x, Facing East/West/South/North). If this is implemented into the pushback clearance this will prevent so many ground conflicts with aircraft pushing back in opposite directions since many ramps are bidirectional. With this we could have all outbound aircraft face the direction towards “Exit” from the ramp it will use, or in a direction that will not block other planes going into or out of a gate near by. With this little but yet important detail in the clearance combined with progressive taxi instructions it could very well enhance ground control/flow a whole lot more for both pilots and atc alike!

Unfortunately, I am Out of Vote.

Actually, This is Using In VATSIM Very much
And Useful.

Wee neeed This !!


Wow thats weird. I opened up the IFC to make this request! It’s a great idea and would definitely help!


Bumping this. It’s more realistic and better tha saying “expect runway XX”


I totally agree I am tired of pushing back at let’s say Atlanta and there be another aircraft having a stare off with me


Bumping and voted :)

Good suggestion. It will be more realistic

With taxiway vectoring this would enhance the ATC options on the ground even further and is definitely needed for a lot of airport layouts!


This has my vote

Okay, I have just found this and this is a PHENOMENAL request, absolutely needed! I will be freeing up a vote for this right now because this is an absolute must! Definitely not going to be forcing all of my friends to vote for this too 👀 (kidding, sort of…)

As a IFATC myself i can confirm that this would help a lot, to first of all end the face off’s but to also be able to handle the traffic better, with example having all the departures face West and then take all the arrivals east and then into the terminal behind the depts. So 100% a yes for me


That’s a BIG need for me too, IFATC need this !

Really missing in hubs. We need this!