Pushback and Taxi question

Hey there, I’ve been learning how to do atc for a few days now and I’m getting on really well :) However there is one thing that I don’t know, when an aircraft requests taxi when they should pushback or requests pushback when their aircraft doesn’t have that ability, what do I respond with. Many thanks !

You should give the clearance appropriate for the aircraft. E.G. if he requests pushback, but can only taxi a taxi clearance would be appropiate.

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Ah ok thanks for this, but if they ask for taxi when they should pushback, I can’t actually give them the pushback command without them asking for it in the first place, which in this case they haven’t done

Yes you can. If you scroll down and look carefully there’s a pushback option :)

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Ah ok, I’ll make sure to look closely for this next time, I must have missed it, I appreciate your help, thank you :)

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