Pushback and Taxi Are Not Interchangeable

When you request one or the other of ground and you get the other one, it is not by accident.

If you request to taxi in a 388 from a gate, and ground says to pushback approved, you push back, you do not spin around in the gate like a top. You do not just push back a couple inches then throttle up and go.

If you are backed up against the grass facing out toward the taxiway and request to pushback, and ground tells you to taxi, what ground means is for you to taxi. Again, I didn’t mishear you. I’m not confused as to how you usually start your flights. But you can’t push back from there, so taxi, just like you were asked.

If you’re in the middle of a big, open ramp at a military facility where all the spawn points are on taxiways from which you are meant to taxi forward and you’re told to taxi, then push…no, just kidding, then taxi.

Words. Have. Meanings.


That’s more like it, tell em Tim:))


Sometimes I often see that even when ATC in Expert Servers go offline. They just turn on their engines and go straight into the terminal.


On training C172’s alway request pushback🙄

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Tim, I love your posts but the reason you keep having to make them is that some people just don’t care


What does the second one say?i can’t see it.

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Ah yes. Boy do I enjoy reading one of your wonderful posts. Makes me feel special because I know that i’m a way better pilot than some noobs who don’t care about anything.

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Question, if i am in a plane that can’t pushback and i am at a gate facing grass or something i would request taxi then do a 180 and taxi? or


Planes that don’t pushback are told to taxi, even if at a gate (though spawning at a tie-down or something equivalent would be preferable), yes.

This would be:

C172, C208
C-130s (reverse thrust is up to you, but not SOP, so not told to “pushback”)
Probably one I’m forgetting


Okay awesome thank you:)

there should be terminal hit boxes that ban users if the wheels hit the terminal area

Isn’t that a bit… extreme?


I don’t think so because If we set the speed to be like 5kts which is higher than the pushback speed it should be fine.

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Ok, what should i have done here:
Me: ground, example 123, ready for pushback with information bravo
Ground: example 123, taxi to runway XX, contact tower when ready
(I haven’t got my engines started yet)
Me: i’m sorry, example 123
Me: stand by example 123
Me: (now with engines running) ground, example 123, ready to taxi

Should I have done that or just started the engines anc taxied


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Just start your engines and taxi.


@Devon_Mo_piedmont114 that’s pretty extreme for something that you can’t see. Doesn’t happen often in expert at a controlled or even uncontrolled airport… Maybe a warning but noting else

I can settle on a warning yeah. Sorry if I came off harsh lol wrote it when I first woke up so a little groggy.

Is Tim an IFATC?

Yes he is. And he is very pro.

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Okay, so, here’s a specific example:

At SBEG, there is the main terminal ramp and taxiway. Aircraft at the terminal gates pushback onto the main taxiway.

There is also another apron to the south east of the terminal. This apron is separated from the terminal ramp by a line designating as much.

When you spawn in on the SE apron, facing toward the middle of that apron, you’ll see, right in front of you, the taxiway that you should use to exit that apron and go around to join the main taxiway.

When the controller tells you to taxi, in every situation in a commercial airliner, it means move forward. it has never meant do a 180 on the spot or pushback onto the taxiway that is separated from your apron and onto which the planes at the terminal may be using.

You can see the taxiway right in front of you. You know after two seconds on this sim that taxi means move forward. Why is this such a difficult concept? Taxi never means push backward (in a commercial jet.). Taxi always means the same thing: move forward along the taxiway that’s right in front of you. It isn’t complicated.