Pushback 757

If i want to pushback in any airport that’s being controlled in expert server do the controllers know the plane can’t pushback Im afraid to just taxi over the parking space they might think I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing I’m afraid to try it might end up getting me ghosted ?

Just contact Ground and request Pushback. They will issue an active runway in the approval message. You may also be issued a standby or give way to aircraft ahead so be sure you are aware of everything going on around you. If you are in a tail dragger they will be able to tell if you can’t Pushback so Request Permission To Taxi at that point.


Can’t every plane pushback except the Cessnas, Super Declathon, and Cirrus?

757 has problems pushing back

Some of them stop when the rudder is to far over to one side

The controllers are well aware of the planes that can pushback or can’t pushback due to the type(GA aircraft, fighters) or parking position e.g at London-City

  1. Reduce weight so you can pushback
  2. Change aircraft
  3. Choose a parking spot where you can taxi (ie icing spot)

Just use some common sense. I know it can be hard (: