Push & Start ATC Command

Hey! I had an idea to add an even larger sense of realism to ATC in IF. This command would mainly be for Expert Server as it requires the user to cooperate. On Expert users should be required to start with engines off and then similar to real life would be instructed to start engines upon pushback or taxi. Just a cool thought I had that would make IF even more realistic!

I think this is a good idea but it might be a bit time consuming if IFATC had to deal with this…I will watch and see what others think…

I see how it could be a concern however it could easily be built into the other commands.

If you have control on Ground and Tower on a busy airport with busy freq., it would be too much time consuming to manage engines, too… wouldn’t it?

Most busy airports have separate people working tower and ground.

Sorry, but this is a duplicate topic.


Usually its the ground personnel who instruct the captain to start an engine.