Push for better aircraft in IF without a Subscription

This is not a #features request!

We all have been there before. We have just bought Infinite Flight and we don’t have a subscription, so we try all of the “Non Subscriber” features. After all, we aren’t going to spend $10 or however much money for a live Subscription right off the bat correct?

However, there are a large portion of aircraft that are rather bad. Most people whenever they are just starting out on IF go for the “Big Planes” first. Namely, the A380 and B747-400. Both of these aircraft are old, as the A380 was released in December 2012, and the B747-400 in December 2014.


The A380 has many issues

Here are just some issues with the current A380

A380 Shadow Glitch/Issue
A380 cockpit-bug
A380 dual cockpit anomaly
A380 Gear Retract Bug

Vote for an A380 Rework HERE:


Next on the list is the 747-400. The 747 is much better than the A380 currently. It has a nice selection of liveries (not saying the A380 doesn’t), but it’s still old. There is no current feature request for this aircraft. IMO the B747-400 is alright as it is for the time being, but it would be nice to see it brought up to FDS’s high standards :D.


Once people have gotten over the initial “Jumbo Jet” craze, they might want to dial it down a bit. The A321 is the perfect aircraft for this. Although the A320 family has recently gotten some attention with the new liveries and wing flex, the A321 remains very faulty.

A321 Issues

A321 weird vertical oscillation
Pitch oscillation in A321 while on autopilot
Airbus A321 Autopilot Failure

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a A321 rework, but there is an A320 Family rework which includes the A321.

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is a very important aircraft IRL, and there are probably some current or former pilots who have flown this aircraft.Therefor it woild be nice for this aircraft to be in good shape. The Cessna 172 was released in January 2013.

Vote for a rework HERE:

Cessna 208 Caravan

The Cessna Caravan is kind of in the same boat as the Cessna 172. It is old (September 2012) and its just not up to date. There is no current feature request.

Cirrus SR-22

IMO, the Cirrus SR-22 is the aircraft with the most potential on this list. Released in May 2014, it is still significantly old. If it were to have working doors and pilots, it would be a really cool aircraft to fly around the Zones with.

Vote HERE:

Super Decathalon

This aircraft is one of if not the worst in IF. There is no cockpit view, let alone an actual cockpit. It was released in March 2012.

Vote HERE:

Now lets move into the military aircraft.

P-38 Lightning

This aircraft just really doesn’t have any meaning right now. It’s old and it’s easy to tell. There is no current feature request for this aircraft.


This is one of the most reconizable fighters in the world. Right now, it’s pretty weak. It was released in March 2012, and only has one livery. There have been many #features requests for this livery, but here is the most current:

Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII

This aircraft is in relatively good shape seeing it was released in January 2013. There are a few video tutorials, which helps out this aircraft. There is no current feature request.

C-17 Globemaster

This aircraft is just in general difficult to fly. Being released in March 2012, it doesn’t have any animated parts. This aircraft would set it apart from others if it had animated doors, especially if it had the bay door opening ability mid flight.

Vote for a rework HERE:

A-10 Thunderbolt

This aircraft is all around just amazing. It truly shows everything Infinite Flight has, with all of the annomated parts and even a live cockpit! This is the last on list for a rework.

Now we move onto the last few commercial airliners.


This aircraft is just bad. There is really no other way to put it. However since this aircraft has an actual cabine, that sets it apart from other aircraft. I have never been able to land this thing smoothly or even just “firmly.” This plane does have some cool liveries such as Qantas Link, Hawaiian, and AirTran Atlanta Falcons.
There is no current request for this aircraft.


This aircraft is now really nice after the refresh. Before it had the same problems as the other vatients, but now it’s a really fun aircraft to use. There are a ton of new cool liveries such as the Southwest Desert Gold and Illinois One. The United and Generic Liveries also have split scimitars, which is a cool little twist.
You can vote for a full rework HERE:


This aircraft is sort of like the A-10. It just got reworked and has cabin views and animated doors. This aircraft has a lot of liveries. If or when pilots decide to try out the CRJ-200, they will see all of the potential the other aircraft have.

Please note this topic is not promoting any one feature request, but is instead providing a general overview of an issue with this app.

I just want this to be brought to the attention of the community and if the mods or staff deem it necessary to close this topic, then so be it.


The DEVS have said before that they plan to bring all aircraft in the sim up to the standards set by the Boeing 787 Family and later. While I do agree this is necessary, I think all we need is patience. Everything will arrive in the sim at its own time.


I think the A321 is one of the least concerning aircraft for me, if you’ve been around a while, you’d know that the 737, 747, A320, and a few more have been updated much more recently than things like the C17, Super D, F18, etc, so I’d like to see updates go by what’s the oldest, because let’s face it, the 737 or A320 don’t have all the bells and whistles, but they are a whole heack of a lot better than the A330 for example…


Yes and that will happen eventually. All I’m saying is that I feel these aircraft should be prioritized over the others because they are representing Infinite Flight for any new members!

Nowhere did I see we NEED these aircraft now.

The C-17 is the oldest aircraft in the line up and the least of features that definitely needs work

However, the one family of aircraft that are seemingly in the opposite end of your “popularity spectrum” that currently hold the title of oldest commercial aircraft in Infinite Flight is the Embraer E-Series jets which needs some serious work and there’s lots of fans of this aircraft that just won’t fly it because it is so outdated since global was released.

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