Push Back Tug Disconnect

Please consider having the push back tug(s) move “backwards” away from the aircraft ten feet or so after disconnecting. Then it can do its disappearing act. It can still appear immediately connected as it does when requested, just move backwards in what ever angle its attached.

This will permit seeing it and confirming disconnect from most AC virtual cockpits.

This will add more realism and be very very cool to see out the window !

The other ground equipment moves back. So I’m sure a short roll backwards can be coded.


hmm intersting. I will may clear up a vote for this one


Thank you. As it is now its out of sight under the nose. Then just vanishes. Even in outside view it should back up away a few feet . All tugs move away from the aircraft. Should be not hard to do, maybe alittle time consuming though.

We don’t need to see the pin though , 😉

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I think we already have this

We don’t, the tug disappears instead of visibly moving away

Oh nvm mb sorry @phoenix74

No problem 👍

bump cause we need this

Same here. And just saw you depart Vegas lol


oh lol, Helloo

Bump cause yas