Push back issue with the dc10

Hi just noticed that their is a push back issue with the dc10 can this be fixed???

There is already a topic regarding this:

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Thanks for your report! Can I get your device please?

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Samsung tab A 350 8.0

Just to clarify:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T350 8-Inch Tablet

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Yep…thats the one…

Thank you for the report. I am extremely sorry for any trouble this is causing you. A hot-fix should be released soon, so thank you for your patience.

For the time being, please try the following things (might work, not 100% sure)

  • Reinstalling Infinite Flight
  • Restart your device
  • Try spawning at a different airport

LG K10 Smartphone!


Thank you for the report. I have added it to the official list.

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Please continue in the topic @Daniel14 linked above. It makes it easier for us if it’s centralized.