Push back in no Movement Zones

Hey IFC I was just watching some fellow Flight sim pilots and I noticed that at select airports there are spaces called no movement zones [Example IRL ] I was wondering what is the IF rules for using these spaces. Can I pushback without clearance like I observed? Obviously you still ask when not in these. (https://skyvector.com/files/tpp/1906/pdf/00253AD.PDF)

You must always ask for pushback on IF


While I have your attention when on unicom should I announce taxi before pushback or before taxi?

Doesn’t matter much. I do it before taxi


Thanks for your help. I’ll see you in the skys!

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Adding onto what Misha said - if you’re in a plane that doesn’t have the option to pushback (fighter, GA, etc) then while you’re with active ATC, simply start your engine, and request to taxi.

If you can’t pushback… don’t ask to.


See section 4-3-18 of the AIM for information regarding real world procedures:

We do not have defined non-movement areas in Infinite Flight, as all airport ground operations are controlled by ATC, meaning you must always request clearance.

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