Pursuing Sport License vs Private Pilot

Hi everyone,
I’m in a bit of a situation. I am currently leaning towards more of a Sport Pilot License, since that doesn’t require a medical and I can still fly wherever I want (cross country)

There are pros and cons for each license. The major pro for PPL is the ability to fly any airplane in IFR conditions and be able to fly more than one passenger.

The major Con for SPL is that you cannot fly in IFR conditions and you can only fly LSA’s, and are limited to carrying only one Passenger, as well as Only fly during daylight hours in VFR conditions.

I want to do Sport as it doesn’t require a Medical, while a PPL does.

What do you guys think? I am doing a Flight tomorrow on an RV-12, as was recommended by the flight school I will be using.


You need instrument rating to fly IFR. It’s an “add-on” to PPL.


Personally I think a medical is one of the small things. Pass that and you’ll have a much bigger range of what you can do. If you don’t by any chance over time, then at least you can say you tried.

Think later life what you’d like to do, and whether these benefits of having a medical will come as a career.


Like he said, the Class 3 physical is quite easy. My opinion is that you should just train for a PPL since it’s an easier transition one day if you decide to go commercial. Watch this video about the pros and cons of flying a LSA.

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bruh … here in Germany you need Medical Class 2

My medical class 2 expires after five years, and that time span doesn’t increase until you’re 40.
The PPL is much more expensive, especially with the additional IFR training.

Yes, the problem is that I can’t get it right now due to my vision test being pushed until October, and I do have some health problems as well.

That’s not what I meant, I just got all my documents from my cardiologist and sent them to an AME, but for my Vision I need to get my medical records for that, but they are unfortunately 2 Years old, and the FAA requires them to be at least 90 days old, which is an issue due to the pandemic, my vision test was pushed to Oct. 2020.

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You need a third class medical for a private pilot certificate. Are you trying to apply for a first class?
You can also try applying under BasicMed

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Unless you plan to make flying a hobby, I would I highly request you to get your PPL. If you plan to make flying a career then you are better knocking out your 1st class medical that way to can address your health issues with hopes of getting a 1st class or forget flying as a career and just do for fun.

Sport license to me is someone who I would consider a “weekend pilot”. The type of pilot who flies once a month with A(one) friend or significant other.

One of the joys of flying is to fly where you want with limited restrictions. PPL provides that. And don’t forget you can really get a glimpse of true beauty of flying at night. Wether it be in pitch blackness flying over the dessert with the whole milky way in front of you or see how alive a city like New York, Chi, and SFO looks at night.

All the best with your decision.


Okay, some good news, I moved my vision test to July 27, 2020. While it may still be far, it’s at least a month and a half closer than October. By then I should be able to get a new vision record to send to the AME!

I’m getting closer to that sweet Medical Class III that I need to get a PPL

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Sounds good. In the meantime, you can start flight instruction and decide which certificate to pursue after you receive your vision results. There is not a requirement to have a medical to receive dual instruction from a CFI, you only need it to solo (for a PPL). Additionally, there isn’t any reason you couldn’t complete your PPL training in a LSA either, just ensure that it’s properly equipped and allowed by the manufacturer. This way, when you get your medical results, you’ll have the option of pursuing either.

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I’m going to do ground training first before I do actual flight lessons.

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