Purpose of Ground Power Unit

Hi Everyone!
Love the new 22.4 Update! Think it is amazing and works really well.

I’ve noticed that the new update brought a new Ground Power Unit (GPU). I’m not sure if this is a bug on my phone but the GPU doesn’t do anything, it just sits next to the aircraft and doesn’t connect any electrical wiring to the plane. I completely understand if this feature isn’t implemented yet

However, to make things worse, the purpose of a GPU is to provide electrical powering primarily when the aircraft comes in on arrival. When I click on the GPU button to call the GPU unit to the plane, I then click the “main battery” button to turn on the battery, however the plane still doesn’t come alive, without me turning on the engines/APU. Surely this isn’t correct. The GPU should provide the plane with power to provide electrical energy for the battery and the plane to come alive. Otherwise, the GPU serves no purpose in real life.


At this time, the purpose of is purely visual. It does not provide any additional functionality than that, yet.
As we’ll continue to improve and make iterations on the ground service systems, this is something that will hopefully change in the future :)


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